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Our technical mentoring services allow you to gain cost-effective access to years of industry experience, in a way that allows you to retain your investment in our skills and experience.

There are two main areas where you typically might applying our technical mentoring:
  • Graduate engineer mentoring
  • Technical architecture mentoring
graduates - customers who use our graduate engineer mentoring, have often recently recruited graduates with good 'raw' skills, but they lack some of the design and debugging skills that only come with years of experience. Our mentoring service can help your recent graduates to progress faster through projects and pick up the longer-term experiential skills much quicker.

architecture - for customers who appreciate the value of long-term thinking, and recognise the payback accessible via a good technical architecture, we can provide that additional 'thinking' to your longer term technical strategy. Customers using this service can gain the benefits of engineers who have felt both the pain of working with bad architectures, and the joy and rewards of working with well designed and scaleable architectures.

Contact us today to find out how technical mentoring can help your next (or current) project:

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